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Global Mission

Global Mission

AMRIT has cultivated her more than 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry to create a global movement that helps empower women and change the way they approach wellness. Amrit has developed an original approach to fashion fitness that helps women work with their natural physique instead of against it. As the founder of GlamFit Body & Beauty Designer she vigorously executes her global mission to seamlessly blend fitness, beauty and glamour to benefit women from around the globe.

“Amrit Dhaliwal is a friend, a coach, and an inspiration who exudes effortless glamour and genuine sincerity; a true beauty inside and out!” - Yogini Jules Sung, Yoga Instructor Canada

The Know-how


The Facts



GlamFit Body & Beauty Designer GBBD was founded by Amrit Dhaliwal. Amrit is quickly becoming a respected international personality and business woman. All of Amrit’s current businesses and projects are managed under GBBD. Currently, the firm is engaged in several projects including fitness, television, healthy food supplements, fashion, beauty, branding, marketing and promotions.
Amrit is always seeking new and creative projects. GBBD is well positioned to offer professional expertise in multiple areas related to fitness, beauty and fashion. Likewise, the opportunity to collaborate with GBBD on short, or long term, projects will be welcomed where there is synergy. Today, to stay ahead of the curve companies need to be dynamic, fluid, well managed and of course professional. GBBD adheres to these standards and intends to continue to develop exciting services, products, partnerships and collaborations that address the needs and desires of the global beauty, fitness and fashion markets.
“Her vast array of knowledge regarding health, beauty, nutrition and much more is nothing short of incredible. I find it even more inspiring that she lives and breaths a lifestyle, a Glamfit lifestyle, that most women should aspire to.” - Tanya Theberge, Swimwear Designer Canada.


Introducing GLAMFIT BRIDAL DESIGNHer™ by Amrit Dhaliwal *Available at select luxury hotels around the world. For the first time ever, Amrit Dhaliwal has integrated all of her expertise in beauty, fitness and nutrition into the ultimate bridal concierge service: GLAMFIT Bridal DESIGNHer. DESIGNERHer bridal packages give women the opportunity to experience five-star pre-wedding pampering. From fitness and nutrition to fashion and beauty, and beyond, DESIGNHer bridal packages transform women into stunning brides that look like they just stepped off a runway or red carpet.
DESIGNHer luxury bridal packages are available for four or eight weeks. Each package includes: - Customized Fitness Coaching – Amrit and her team work with you to develop the best combination of weight training, cardio, bootcamps, yoga, pilates and more to help you slim down and firm up. More than fitting into your dress, they get you into the best shape of your life!
- Chef-Inspired Nutrition – You will positively glow from the inside out with meal plans that have been developed by the world’s top chefs. Each meal fits your dietary needs, feeds your workout plan and is as delicious as any find-dining restaurant. Juicing regiments and detox programs using Amrit’s 11 Signature Super Foods are also incorporated into each custom program.
- Beauty & Style – Working with the world’s top designers, hair and makeup trendsetters, you will look like a bride that walked off the pages of a magazine. The GLAMFIT DESIGNHer team only works with the world’s leading-edge bridal experts.
- Poise & Confidence – When you walk down the aisle you will be relaxed and confident. You will learn the secrets to walking with elegance and how to use the angles of your face when posing for the camera. You will capture your guests’ attention the moment you enter the room and have lifetime stunning photos and memories to share.

“Beverly Hills Bombshell. The Amazing Amrit Dhaliwal Fuses Glamour and Fitness.” - IronMan Magazine Los Angeles

About Amrit


AMRIT DHALIWAL is the world’s first professional Indian fitness model. But beyond that, she has become recognized as an icon in the fitness and fashion industry. Breaking boundaries in lifestyle fitness, fashion and branding, Amrit has become one of the most sought after personal trainers and brand names in the world. Known as Canada’s “Punjabi Femme Fatal”, Amrit has pioneered the entry of ethnic Indian women of pro-fitness modeling and glamour modeling. She has been featured in international publications like Inside Fitness, Anohki, Extrafit, FHM, American Curves, Femme Fatale, Femina India, Fashion Resource Book and Physique Magazine. In March 2012, Amrit had a six-page spread in the prestigious Hardbody IronMan Magazine.

"If her arresting looks were not enough, her stunning body simply knocks us out!! With her we can proudly brag that we too have our own fitness model.” – Mega Modelz International India- Atul Pandey CEO


AMRIT is the shining star, representative of the multi-cultural world we live in today. Indian ancestry, born in the UK, educated in Canada, Amrit has an international appeal which relates to a wide demographic. Fluent in both English and Punjabi, she represents a vast cross-section of international women. Amrit has both an educated and practical knowledge of the film and television industry, and recently had a recurring role on “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”. She continues to be approached by directors and producers from both Hollywood and Bollywood for various roles including a reality television show in 2014.

“Amrit is a beautiful, talented woman on her way to making a major splash in the International pool of life in fitness and entertainment.” - Physique Magazine, Dubai


AMRIT DHALIWAL is the perfect strategic partner to elevate your brand image. As a smart businesswoman, Amrit understands there are several critical elements that any brand should look for in a potential strategic partner and brand ambassador. By utilizing her industry experience and her business and marketing background, Amrit ensures that potential partners have a public brand personality with skills that can be leveraged for great success. Currently, Amrit serves as brand ambassador and supplement product consultant for Venky’s Nutrition (part of the VH Group), one of the largest supplier sports nutrition to various institutes of sports and many other sports academies and health clubs in India. Often hailed as a multi-cultural “it girl” Amrit’s ancestry helps her appeal to many in today’s most significant emerging markets including India, Asia and the Middle East. Amrit is a partner who can operate culturally and linguistically in diverse markets, and appeal to women in various regions of the world; making her instrumental to companies looking to gain or maintain a competitive edge. Amrit bring a huge fan base. Thousands of fans follow her on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn and ASmallWorld. She also writes and promotes a fitness and nutrition website in India with 100,000 subscribers.

“Amrit brings nothing less than her A-game.” - Jayne Sharpe, CEO JSFaces Hawaii


AMRIT is recognized as the 1st Professional Indian Fitness Bikini Model worldwide. She has achieved this global success and notoriety through appearances in numerous magazines and ad campaigns. Her expertise in the beauty and fitness world is enhanced by her list of academic degrees, her experience in the medical field and her work as a certified nutritionist and trainer. Today, Amrit is known as Canada’s leading fitness and beauty personality and she continues to expand her global reach by sharing her industry expertise with countless companies and individuals around the globe. Simply put: Amrit is a visionary. She calls it Fashion Forward Fitness™. “Fitness and fashion model Amrit Dhaliwal breaks down barriers with her fit and fearless attitude.” - Inside Fitness Magazine, Canada

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